Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners

Written communications by the Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners (LSBPNE) are mailed to the most recent address on file with the board. By law, licensed practical nurses must notify the board of an address change. Please note, returned mail with the post office forwarding sticker DOES NOT constitute notification by the licensee.


From within your Nurse Portal account, address changes are made in the Manage Profile section.  Once you have signed in to your account, choose “Manage Profile”, and next choose “Demographics”.  Please note that this application is only for address changes.

You will declare your PSOR (Primary State of Residence) , then scroll down and choose “+Change Address”.  Once this option is chosen, change the information to correctly reflect your new address.  Please note that you must list your physical address, but can also list separately a mailing address.  The system will default to your mailing address, unless the box which is checked is then unchecked by you.

Once the address change is entered, you will then be required to submit an upload of proof of residency if you are declaring Louisiana as your PSOR (Primary State of Residence).

Declaration of Primary State of Residence "IS A MANDATORY REQUIREMENT FOR LICENSURE FOR LOUISIANA LPNs".  (La. R.S. 37:1018.) You declare that the state or country entered here is your primary state (or country if not a US Citizen) of residence and that such constitutes your permanent and principal home for legal purpose. A nurse can only have 1 multi-state license.  It must be issued by her/his primary state of residence.

You must upload any ONE of the items listed below as proof of legal Louisiana residency status.  The item you choose must reflect your current Louisiana address of residence.  For NLC (compact) purposes, primary state of residence is not related to property ownership in a given state.  It is about your legal residential status.  You may choose from this list only as valid items of proof of Louisiana residence:

    1. current driver’s license
    2. voter registration card
    3. federal income tax return
    4. military form number 2058
    5. W2 form