Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners

Refresher Course Requirement

A board approved refresher course must be completed prior to license renewal when an LPN has not practiced for four (4) or more years, regardless of the reason.

A formal refresher course must:

  • be provided by a board approved practical nursing school or online program
  • have a curriculum that meets LSBPNE’s guidelines
  • provide both a theory (minimum of 6 weeks) and clinical component (60 hours or more). If unsure if the program meets the board’s approval, please contact LSBPNE’s education department for review of the program’s curriculum

Refresher Course Enrollment

  • The licensee must contact the school of choice for enrollment requirements and fees.
  • The program you choose may require a copy of the board’s letter of approval before allowing you to enroll into the refresher course. Contact LSBPNE’s education department to obtain an approval letter to enroll into a refresher course. PLEASE SEND A MESSAGE TO THE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT ON YOUR NURSE PORTAL ACCOUNT WITH THIS REQUEST.

The following programs offer a board approved refresher course. If you choose a course other than one of the following, please contact LSBPNE’s Education Dept for review of the curriculum prior to enrollment into the course.
LSBPNE does not endorse, manage or guarantee any program that is offering a refresher course. The licensee must agree to the terms established by the program.

Central Louisiana Technical Community College
For Enrollment Information:
Call (318) 757-6501 Ext. 4105 or 4147

L.E. Fletcher Technical Community College
Schriever, LA 70395
Refresher Course Instructor
Nursing & Allied Health
For course and registration information: click here

South Dakota State University College of Nursing
Continuing Nursing Education
Box 2275, Wagner Hall 207
Brookings, SD 57007-0098
Phone 605-688-5745 Fax 605-688-6679

Refresher Course Clinical Component

It is unlawful to perform nursing care without a valid license or permit. For clinical rotations, med surg, long term care, or long term acute care areas are preferred. You must secure approval from the clinical site’s administrative personnel.

A temporary permit, designated for the nurse enrolled in a refresher course, is required prior to the nurse providing patient care.

  • The temporary permit grants the licensee permission to practice for the time specified by the provider (minimum of 60 clinical hours) to complete the clinical component of the course.
  • To apply for a temporary permit, the practical nurse must create a Nurse Portal account.
    • In the section labeled ‘Other Applications’, click ‘Apply’.
    • Choose the temporary Permit (refresher course nurses) application.
  • Please be sure to read the application’s instruction page before starting.
  • To complete the online application, you must first download, print and have the RN Preceptor Request form completed in order to upload to the online application.
  • Proof of your successful completion of the theory component is required prior to issuance of the temporary permit.
  • RN Preceptors must hold an active, valid, unencumbered Louisiana RN license.
  • The permit will be sent to the clinical facility/nurse preceptor and will be valid only for the time specified on the permit.
  • The $25 fee plus applicable state charge is required at time of application submission. The fee must be paid using a credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover only).

Criminal Background Check

  • A criminal background check from the FBI and the Louisiana State Police must be received and each reviewed favorably prior to issuance of a temporary permit or permanent license. It may take up to 12 weeks for our office to receive the results; therefore, we suggest you submit your application to the Louisiana State Police as soon as possible to avoid delays.
  • Please click here for instructions and the applications for background checks.
  • Mail the application and fingerprint cards to the State Police office in Baton Rouge along with any required fees for fingerprints (see the application for the address).
  • The results will be submitted to the LSBPNE office and are valid for one year.

LPN License Renewal

  • After the refresher course program notifies us of your successful completion of the refresher course, you may apply for renewal/reinstatement of your Louisiana practical nursing license.
  • Please click here for information regarding the renewal process.