Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners

General guidelines for completing faculty record.

The faculty record is to be completed by the applicant.

If there is falsification of any information on the faculty record, the applicant will be automatically disqualified.
License(s) held as an RN in other jurisdictions must be unencumbered.

Under "educational preparation", list only nursing education that was completed and give the specific nursing credential obtained (LPN, ADN, diploma, BSN, etc.).

Identify the clinical unit as med-surg, neuro, telemetry, etc., "5-West" tells nothing.


Medical-surgical nursing is defined as providing direct care to a group of patients on a medical-surgical unit of a hospital.

Experience in other areas of nursing such as critical care, psychiatry, home health, emergency room, obstetrics, etc., cannot be substituted for the medical-surgical requirement. Medical-surgical nursing experience has been found to be vital for instructors of practical nursing students. The focus of nursing care for our students is the medical-surgical patient. Nurses who have medical-surgical experience tend to reinforce this focus as they teach. Nurses who have most of their experience in acute care areas such as the ICU, tend to focus their teaching towards those areas, thus presenting role confusion for the student.

It is in medical-surgical nursing that the nurse provides nursing care for a group of patients who have a variety of problems requiring a variety of medical and nursing interventions. The practical nursing instructor must be able to teach and supervise the 8-10 students and simultaneously, assume responsibility for the care each student provides for each patient. The "one-on-one" nursing care necessary when providing care for patients in units such as ICU, ER, dialysis, home health, does not provide the desirable experience of managing a group of people (students and patients), who have diverse needs.

Clinical rotations as a nursing student, nurse tech, etc., do not meet the medical-surgical requirement.

DO NOT SEND A RESUME. Add additional sheets if necessary for work experience.

The completed application MUST be submitted by the school and will be reviewed for approval when it is received in the office along with a school check or money order in the amount of $25.00.

Incomplete or FAXED applications will not be considered.