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Refresher courses


Because lpns cannot go 4 or more years without practicing, completion of a board approved refresher course is required before the lpn will be eligible to renew/reinstate their license.

Eligibility to participate in a board approved refresher course will be determined by our office AFTER the results of the background checks from the FBI and the Louisiana State Police are each received and each are reviewed favorable by our office. (It may take up to 12 weeks for our office to receive the results; therefore, we suggest you submit your requests as soon as possible.)

The lpn must submit the required paperwork for a background check to the FBI and to the Louisiana State Police. (Click here for printable instructions.) Forms are to be completed as directed by LSBPNE on the instruction sheets. Failure to complete the forms as directed by LSBPNE may result in the delay of determination of eligibility to participate in a refresher course.

Upon receipt of the results from the FBI and the Louisiana State Police background checks, eligibility to participate will then be determined.

NOTE: Before mailing the requests to the FBI and the Louisiana State Police:

  1. Review your application forms.
  2. Make 2 photocopies of all information that is to be submitted to the FBI and the State of Louisiana (e.g. copy of Application Information Form, copy of method of payment, and copy of fingerprints).
  3. Mail to our office your narrative statement requesting eligibility to participate in a refresher course and include one set of the photocopies (FBI and State of Louisiana). Keep the other set for your records.

To assist lpns in locating refresher courses, we will post information here as we receive it.  However, these are not the only courses available.  You should contact the practical nursing programs in your area for more information, as we are not always notified of availability and most are contingent upon enrollment and instructor availability.

Refresher courses:

Baton Rouge General Nursing School

IV Therapy Course


KL Vascular Corporation

500 Main Street, Suite 950

Fort Worth, Tx 76102

Kerri Hodge, RN, BSN, VA-BC

IV Therapy Course



LPN/LVN Refresher Course


Northshore Technical Community College

Hammond Area Campus

Patricia Jones

Phone 985-543-4120 ext. 116


NTCC Sullivan

PN Department

Bogalusa, LA

Phone 985-732-6640


South Dakota State University College of Nursing

Continuing Nursing Education

Box 2275, Wagner Hall 135

Brookings, SD 57007-0098

Phone 605-688-5745 Fax 605-688-6679