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The time period for renewing your Louisiana LPN license for the 2015 year will begin on November 20, 2014. ALL renewals of current licenses in good standing with the board must be completed online. Louisiana LPN licenses expire on January 31st of each year.

Please continue to check the website periodically for furthur information regarding renewal or your license for 2015.

Online license renewal


Have questions? Before calling our office, many of your questions can be answered by the Online License Renewal FAQs

Name change prior to renewal of license only: Name changes cannot be completed using our online services. If you have a name change, before you renew your license online you must submit your request (Request for Name Change form) to our office via U.S. Mail. You must enclose with the request a CERTIFIED copy (not a photocopy) of your marriage license, divorce decree, or other legal document which supports your name change. Please note that the CERTIFIED document is required by our office. It will not be returned to you. You can call the courthouse where the document was filed to obtain a CERTIFIED copy to mail to our office. Please note that a name change request at the time you are renewing your license will increase the amount of time needed to complete your renewal process. It is strongly advised that you complete the process early in the renewal season to allow for this additional time without further fees being assessed to you.

This process MUST be completed with our office BEFORE renewing your license online.

First, the name change form and the required CERTIFIED documents must be received by our office via U.S. Mail. Once the change is completed and updated on our system, the name change will be reflected on your "My Account" page. When you see the name change completed on your account, you can then renew your license online.

IMPORTANT: Once you have completed and submitted your online renewal application, or, if you choose to renew your license without completing the name change process first, your license WILL BE processed with the current name that is reflected on our system and your "My Account" page. You will then be charged an additional fee of $30.00 for a duplicate license to be issued with the name change. There are no exceptions to this additional fee once the renewal has been submitted.

The name on your license is the name you must use when signing nursing notes, medication administration records, etc.

Need to update/change your username/e-mail address for online renewal,   Forgot username

Have a username and password already?  LOGIN (must be a registered user)

Have a username but forgot your password?  Forgot Password (must be a registered user)

Need a username and password?  REGISTER (register ONLY once)

NOTE: To register as a user, you will need the following information:

Once you have a registered user account, you can use your account to report an address change at any time during the year.  You can do this using the "Change Address" menu item after you have logged into the system.

To protect your personal information, you MUST close your Internet browser when you have completed your online renewal.

Once you have submitted your online application, you may check your online account for the status of your license. Once it is reflected that the license has been "Mailed", allow a minimum of 14 working days to receive your license in the mail. All licenses are mailed to the address which is on your "My Account" screen.