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The office will be closed at noon today for a staff meeting.
The board will resume regular business hours, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday August 29, 2016.


All $5.00 in state verifications must now be done online. See here for information License Verification

Governor suspends licensure requirements for medical professional and personnel licensed out-of-state

The Governor's office has issued an executive order that suspends licensure requirements for medical professionals and personnel licensed out-of-state. Per the executive order, all medical professionals who wish to provide services in Louisiana should register through the Office of Public Health, Louisiana Volunteers in Action (LAVA) program or phone 225-354-3573, 225-354-3566 or email dhhvol@la.gov. The executive order may be viewed here.

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RNs:  If you are seeking information about registered nursing in Louisiana, contact the Louisiana State Board of Nursing at www.lsbn.state.la.us. , or call them at 225-755-7500.

CNAs If you need information about certified nursing assistants, visit www.labenfa.com or call the Nurse Aide Registry at 225-295-8575.